What we do

  • Spend Time

Connecting Sundays to Mondays

Our staff labors to help those men who do attend church to connect the faith of which they hear about on Sundays, to vocation they are engaged with on Mondays.   We attempt to help them answer the 'So What?' question.  'So...what practical difference is this faith supposed to make?'  

  For those men who don't presently attend church, we simply make ourselves available to serve as a spiritual friend, though not a salesman, who travels alongside, through the peaks and valleys of life.  

Central to our work is spending time with men, individually or in a small group setting, over breakfast, lunch or dinner to discuss whatever is of significance in their lives, whether it be relational, vocational or spiritual in nature. 

tDf staff worker Greg Porter, along with many volunteers, carry out the mission of tDf.   Here's an overview of what we do...

  • Champion of the Community

tDf Expands!


tDf welcomes Dave Swenson to our staff as Dave begins to give shape to the mission and ministry of tDf the greater Seattle area! 

Community Betterment Award


Many thanks to the Phoenixville Area Chamber of Commerce and Piazza Subaru for awarding tDf the 'Community Betterment Award'  


We couldn't be more grateful! 

Sunday has something to do with Monday?!

  • Phoenixville Hospital

Greg serves 2-3 hours each week as a chaplain in the Cancer Center of Phoenixvillle hospital. He also serves on the community advisory committee  at the hospital.

tDf is a past recipient of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation's 'Champion of the Community' for services rendered throughout Phoenixville.  Here are a few present initiatives...




We also take a portion of what is donated to tDf and donate it to other local non profit organizations whose work we believe in.










The Center of Phoenixville

In partnership with Future Leaders Today and Phoenixville Hospital, we have been busy raising funds and organizing a restoration of the former Bookworm, within which office space will be leased out at a very modest rate  for small, local non profit organizations! 


          Knights of Columbus


tDf is proud to participate in, and serve as a hole sponsor for, the annual  

Knights of Columbus golf outing!

IGood Samaritan Shelter

tDf's partners with Good Samaritan Shelter in one on one mentoring of residents at the shelter, offering guidance and support as men seek to develop healthier patterns and habits in their respective lives.e

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