The Daniel Foundation begins in Seattle!




We are thrilled to announce that tDf is now on both coasts!  


Beginning in early 2017, David Swenson came on our staff, in a part time capacity, to work and serve in the greater Seattle area to begin 'The Daniel Foundation: Seattle 


Dave and his wife Jill have 4 children and many grandchildren! 


Dave is 1977 a graduate of Southern Illinois University where he majored in communications.


In 1985, Dave graduated from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree


In 1998, Dave recevieved his PhD from Northwest Graduate School of The Ministry


Dave has served in parish ministry as both as an associate and as a head pastor since 1993.


Dave writes this in reflecting upon his work with The Daniel Foundation:  'It grants me pastoral opportunites and I really enjoy it!  My gratitude cannot be overstated.'  Dave has begun 'Finishing Strong' weekend retreats for men, during which time, 'we talk about Jesus, trials, pain and then pray over each man.'  In addition, Dave spends ample time indiviudally with a number of men through which he seeks to, 'enocurage, support, challenge, listen and to pray.'  


Dave and Jill also host events designed for women who have lost their spouses, during which time they simply, 'listen, support, love and pray' over the women who attend.  As if that were not enough, Dave and Jill visit with families whose children suffer from addictions of one sort or another.  


Dave presently exploring the possibility of coming on tDf staff full time, should there be ample financial and prayer support.  If you are interested in supporting Dave, please don't hesitate to visit our 'donate' page as he would be delighted to have you as a member of his support team!  We will insure that your donation is designated to Dave as he serves with tDf in Seattle! 

Don't be fooled, Dave is really a die hard Seahawks fan!

Dave & Jill Swenson