Advice from an ex professional athlete to parents who are entering (or who anticipate entering) the wild n whacky world of Youth Sports




This is the final interview of 3, of former professional baseball player Brett Illig.  In this conversation, I solicit from Brett, advice for parents of kids who are involved, or who may become involved, in youth sports. I ask Brett to help us identify things to look for in evaluating a program or a coach to determine whether or not that coach or program would be worthy of your time and money.  Or, more importantly, whether the coach or program would be an athletically, socially and emotionally formative (vs destructive) experience for your child. 


You can go directly the podcast interview by simply leaving this page and clicking on the 'TASTM' Podcast tab on the far right side of our home page.    Or, you can simply copy and paste the following link to your 'browser' (that thingy at the top of your page when you are on line, that you enter web site addresses into to go where you want to go). Here's the link:


I hope you find it helpful!  



All the best,

Greg Porter

The Daniel Foundation


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