Premature Ambassadors


Dear Friends, 


  It’s been said by politicians, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’   That’s politico-speak for ‘Exploit every opportunity to one’s political advantage.’   By contrast, the Christian gospel asserts something entirely different, essentially saying this:   ‘Never let a crisis have the last word.’    In other words, respond to the consequences of 'The Fall' of Genesis 3 whereby all things became disordered and corrupted, with an advance screening of what Jesus referred to as, 'The Kingdom of God’ where Jesus is not crucified but crowned, where all is 'made new,' where tears will be dried, where suffering, sickness, injustice and even death itself will, ‘be no more.’   By acts of service and charity in the face of fear and suffering, we raise people's gaze to the horizon whereby present darkness gives way to future hope. 


 What’s more, because of the contrast it affords, darkness serves as a backdrop against which acts of beauty, acts that are characteristic of 'The Kingdom of God,' become all the more compelling. Perhaps that's why a flower emerging from ashes or from a crack in the middle of a parking lot appears so striking.  Perhaps that is why God so often sent some of his best prophets, like Jeremiah, into dark and calloused settings.    We, of course think, its a waste of a 'perfectly good prophet' whereas God seems to believe that a 'perfectly good prophet' could not be more perfectly placed. 


All that to say that our volunteers have worked hard during this dark season to prevent the Covid pandemic from having the last word.  Like premature, or otherworldly ambassadors, their many acts of service and mercy, have offered many a glimpse of the future, in the present. They have been nothing short of heroic, as have many of you!  


If you'd like to hear more about what they've done, I've recorded a 4+ minute podcast entitled 'The Last Word.' (see below).



As always, thank you for making this mission possible!


All the best, 

Greg Porter

How to listen in 3 easy steps! 

You can hear 'The Last Word' mission update by...

1. going to the 'home page' of this, website 

2. clicking on the 'TASTM Podcast' tab

3. clicking on the first/top podcast, entitled 'The Last Word'  

(Oh, and if you are like me, make sure your 'sound' or 'speaker' is on!? :-) 


Or, if easier, you may simply copy and paste this link to your browser:


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