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 I am happy to report that I am beginning to resume visiting with men, albeit at the Bookworm Building, sitting at a distance, sipping coffee together! They all seem to appreciate, as do I, the opportunity to get out of the house and talk with someone new about stuff that matters.


It’s been said by politicians, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’  That’s politico-speak for ‘Exploit every opportunity to one’s political advantage.’  By contrast, the Christian gospel asserts exactly the opposite, essentially saying this:  ‘Never let a crisis have the last word.’   In other words, respond to the consequences of the Fall with an advance screening of the ‘Kingdom of God’ where all tears will be dried and all suffering, sickness, injustice and even death will, ‘be no more.’  Present pain is eclipsed by future hope, making those who display as much essentially, ‘premature ambassadors,’ on behalf of a disputed but benevolent King, as RJ Neuhaus put it.   What’s more, like a flower emerging in the middle of a vast parking lot, present darkness can serve as a backdrop against which acts of beauty become all the more compelling.   Maybe that is why God so often sent some of his best prophets into dark and unresponsive settings.   We think, ‘what a waste of a perfectly good prophet’ whereas God seems to believe that a ‘perfectly good prophet’ couldn’t be more perfectly placed.


In short, that’s what our (amazing) volunteers have been doing throughout this pandemic. I couldn’t be more proud of, and grateful for, them and for you!  As of now our volunteers have....


*Collected, packaged and delivered approximately 150 bottles of hand sanitizer to local at risk individuals and to local charities who work with those especially at-risk.  

*Partnered with cancer center chaplain Bruce Carter to purchase and distribute Wawa gift cards to the nursing staff at the Cancer Center of Phoenixville Hospital.  Then, for good measure, Bruce and Vince Corraro stood outside the Cancer Center with a sign that read: ‘Thank you for all you do’.

*Purchased goods for, assembled and delivered approximately 60 gift bags to every member of an exhausted ICU staff at Phoenixville hospital. 


Chris, a volunteer at the Bookworm and a member of the ICU staff, texted me (and by extension, our volunteers and so many of you) to say this: ‘Greg, The ICU gift bags were given out to the staff presently working, while others were set aside for those not working tonight. People were moved to tears, knowing that they were thought of with such appreciation. A million ‘thank yous’ and expressions of gratitude were passed on to me to share with you and to the members of the Daniel Foundation. I had great joy in handing out the packages. There was no heavy lifting on my part. The angels did the lifting! Blessings upon you.'  


Thank you....for not allowing a crisis to have the last word!   



Greg Porter






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