Hi All2Serve Folks! We're creating gift bags for for ICU staff...would you like to help?



Hi Fellow All2Servers!    


The Coronavirus has provided us  an All2Serve opportunity!  So, please pass this along to girlfriends, spouses, friends, church members and anyone else you think might be interested!


ENTER: ‘Operation Gift Bag’

OK, here's the scoop:  I recently emailed Chris, a bookworm volunteer and nurse in Phoenixville Hospital’s ICU, asking her how she and the staff were holding up during this pandemic, she replied: 


‘We are crazy busy, it is exhausting wearing the PPE for 8-12 hours shifts. Thank you for the support and encouragement.’  


In light of that, we are launching ‘Operation Gift Bag’ (no, not 'WindBag,' 'GiftBag!' :-) which, if we are able to pull it off, would provide a ‘gift bag’ for each of the (approximately 50) ICU staff members who serve so many, at great risk to themselves.


Would you be interested in assembling, and dropping off at the bookworm, one (or more, if you’d like! :-) bag with the following items:   

  • A handwritten note or card expressing appreciation

  • A bag of ground coffee

  • A big Hershey bar or some other chocolate item

  • A pair of soft socks (women)  OR....A bottle of Corona or some other brand of beer (Men)  (Note: We are open to any other ideas you'd recommend?)

  • 3 bags (not boxes) of microwave popcorn 



Note:  I am awaiting the male/female ratio from Chris.  I will assemble in the next day or so,  a bag and take a pic of it, for everyone's reference.     I will have a box for Operation Gift Bag on the enclosed back porch of the bookworm, so that you can drop off your bag any time between 9 am and 5 pm beginning next week.   


What Should I do?

So, for the time being, please hold off on purchasing and assembling a gift bag until I email you again with the male/female ratio and a pic of a sample gift bag.  


All I need right now is for you to let me know ...

a) if you’d like to participate and...

b) if you’d like to assemble and drop off 1 bag, or more.  If more than one, how many?  


Thank you....your friends and/or family members, for all you have done, all you do and for your present consideration!   As always, do not feel under any duress or obligation.  


Be wise and well!

His peace,


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