April 2020 Mission Update

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TheDanielfoundation                                                                                                      April 2020

A mission update


 Dear Friends,

   I hope this finds everyone relatively well as we enter the 6th week of Corona19 social distancing and the like.   If I am unable to see my barber in the next week or so, a ponytail is a real possibility. It would be grey, of course, like all those Harley-Davidson-riding-old-timers like to wear!  ha!  Our kids would love it!


Anyway, here’s the latest from the Daniel Foundation….a mission that your friendship, support, prayers and encouragement makes possible!


The Paycheck Protection Program:  We thought about applying for the paycheck protection plan, as non-profits were deemed eligible.  As time went on, however, it seemed, that God might be nudging us to forego it.  It is a tribute to the generosity of so many of you that we could even consider that option, so THANK YOU!


Operation Hand Sanitizer:  We have almost completed Operation Hand Sanitizer in which we

purchased 10 gallons of (WHO compliant) hand sanitizer from a local distillery.  We then purchased close to 300 x 4 oz glass bottles (and a few masks we were also able to purchase) into which we emptied said 10 gallons of sanitizer before distributing it to a number of individuals in need and to a few select local non profit organizations who work with those at greatest risk.   Those organizations are:    


  • Orion Communities

  • Phoenixville Area Community Services

  • 'The House:'  A local women’s shelter

  • 'Mom's House' of Phoenixville

  • 'The Good Samaritan' Men’s Shelter

  • Community Health Care Access



A special ‘thank you’ to Great Valley Presbyterian church who donated a number of boxes of vinyl gloves which in turn we were able to deliver to a couple of the above non profits.  A second special ‘thank you’ to volunteers Paul Power, Brian Finger and board member Greg Ryan for doing so much to make it all happen! 


Operation Gift Bag

We are now beginning 'Operation Gift Card/Gift Basket' for the (exhausted) nursing staff in the ICU and oncology units of Phoenixville Hospital. There are 8 nurses that we've delivered $25 gift cards and notes to (c/o Bruce and Jen Carter who did a not of the heavy lifting on that.  Thanks Bruce and Jen!  There are approximately 50 nursing staff in the ICU and we already have 29 of the 50 gift bags committed to by a variety of friends! 


The Bookworm:  Carl Flahaven, yet another faithful volunteer (and a regular at our Men2Serve gatherings) has been, even during the Covid19 pandemic, doing what Carl does best:  Serving.   He has been showing up regularly at the Bookworm to remove old lighting and droopy ceiling tiles before installing new ones.  It looks fabulous and Carl, undaunted, would like to continue to help renovate the building as his schedule allows. 


Marco?  Polo!   I have been sustained in part during this time of relative isolation by an on-line small group that corresponds regularly via a free phone app called ‘Marco Polo.’  The small group consists of 5 men and, because the app allows you to record and post yourself at your convenience, the conversation is ongoing.  Each Friday we have a ‘question of the week’ in which someone is assigned to come up with a question that everyone has to answer.  Some questions are more lite or humorous in nature, while others are quite probing.  For example, one week the question might be ‘Who was your all time favorite teacher and why?’  The question posed the following Friday might be something more significant like, say: ‘Under what conditions are you prone to panic and take matters into your own hands, rather than pausing, praying and waiting for guidance?’  The bond that has developed between our group members, even though miles apart, has both surprised, and greatly helped, me.  It’s made me wonder about other ways the Daniel Foundation might use MarcoPolo and other communications technology venues, going forward.    As always, thank you.





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