A March 2020 mission update from The Daniel Foundation

Dear Friends,

     Here’s a first for us:   If you are an audio learner and would like instead, to listen to this newsletter, just visit:



Note: please let me know if this link works. It works for me, but I am not entirely certain it will work for everyone!? 


On CoronaHold



Like so many of you, I’ve been placed on-hold by the coronavirus and the corresponding public safety mandates from state and local officials.  It’s frustrating to be sure, but this too shall pass, but not before it has left a tragic trail of loss in its wake.  Please pray for the suffering and those who are fighting for their very lives.   




The Bookworm

 While we wait for the crisis to subside, I’ve been able to go to the bookworm and do some renovations with a friend of mine and fellow Men2Serve colleague, Carl Flahaven, who continues to amaze me. In particular, we are installing a new drop ceiling, as the old one was in bad shape. 


Moonshine Hand Sanitizer?   

In addition, I’m trying to keep my eye open for opportunities to serve during this difficult season.  I attempted to secure all the necessary ingredients for (what my friend Bruce Carter calls my, ‘moonshine hand sanitizer’ J) which we would assemble, bottle and then distribute to local non profits to in turn distribute to their clients who are generally poor or at-risk in one way or another.  However, I cannot seem to obtain rubbing alcohol, which is, of course, the critical ingredient!?  Sigh.   The good news is that a local micro-brewery (Blue Bird Distillery) located here in Phoenixville, has devoted all their time and money and energy into creating their own hand sanitizer.  I’ve reached out to them to offer my help in either production or distribution.  What a fabulous way to ‘love one’s neighbor as oneself. ‘   



TASTM Podcast

Finally, I just began a podcast called ‘Talkin About Stuff That Matters’ (TASTM) in which I will (between newsletters and an occasional reflection)  be interviewing many of the men that I regularly visit with, both believers as skeptics, all of which have become cherished friends.  I greatly look forward to it and I hope it will give you a better understanding of, and love for, each of them.  Again, here’s the podcast address: https://www.buzzsprout.com/935836 I’ve recorded a couple of episodes, one of which is this newsletter and another is a 4 minute reflection on why I believe that Christ and religion is not so much the opiate of the masses, as Karl Marx asserted, but the stimulant.


As always, thank you for making this mission possible. Be wise and be well.


His peace,



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