Men2Serve this Sunday

Dear Friends,

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  


The Phoenixville school district has asked if Men2Serve might consider sponsoring a family for Christmas this year, which boils down to purchasing gifts for their family members (that they'd otherwise be unable to afford) and gathering this Sunday morning Dec 15th at 9:30 am at the Bookworm to wrap the gifts purchased!    


Intersted in purchasing a gift?

If you'd like to purchase a gift or two, here's a list of needs for each of this family's three daughters. 


* indicates that someone has already spoken for the purchasing of this gift


I. 10 Year old girl

Clothing Size: 8/10

Shoe size: (4: Big girls) 

Interests:  Art, reading, American girl

1. A pair of shoes (shoe size 4:  Big Girls)

*2. An art gift of some sort  

3. A book on history suitable for a 10 year old

4. An American girl doll  or something related to the American girl collection

*5. An item or two of clothing



II. 7 year old girl

Clothing size:  6/7

Shoe size: 1

1. A LOL doll (not sure that that is, but there it is! :-)

*2. An art gift of some sort

3. A pair of shoes

4. A craft gift

5. A book or two

*6. An item or two of clothing


III. 3 1/2 year old girl

Clothing size 5/6

Shoe Size: 10/11

1. Peppa Pig

2. Something related to cooking

3. An art gift

4. A craft gift

5. A pair of shoes

6. An item or two of clothing 


! If you'd like to bring a gift, first, THANK YOU!  That is very kind of you!    If so, please email me at so that I can give you an up to date list of what remains available.  Thx!  



If you are unable to purchase a gift, no worries!  Come help us wrap this Sunday morning!  


Let Earth Receive her King,

Greg Porter




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