Men2Serve this Sunday!



Hi Everyone!

First, my apologies to those of you who already received this email. I subsequently decided to  send the same email out to a few of you earlier but decided to send a general email out, which includes a few of you who I've already sent this to.  


An E-A-G-L-E! 

Anyway, or you Eagles fans out there, I came across this scene --------->

while out riding my bike the other day.   An amazingly  majestic creature. 


Anyway, many thanks to those of you who are able and willing to serve this Sunday morning, Oct 13th.

Here’s what’s on tap:



  • 9:30 am -10 am

    • Gather at the bookworm for donuts and/or coffee.

    • Greg will interview Rodney Miller a house manager at the Good Samaritan Shelter whose personal story is pretty amazing. 

  • 10 am - 12 noon (or earlier, if you need to leave earlier) 

Coats4Kids Collection

One member of our Group, John Weiss, has brought a collection box for slightly used or new coats for the Knights of Columbus Coats4Kids Campaign.  If you have a coat that you’d like to bring, I know that John will apprceciate any and all!  I will bring one myself.  



Group 1:  Ann’s Heart

Involves:  Removing shredded rubber from the former playground at Ann’s Heart


What to bring?

Group 1 will likely need..

*Plastic bags (I will provide these)


*Shovels & Rakes


Group 2:  Phoenixville’s Children’s Early Learning Center

Involves:  Weed pulling, trimming, raking at Phxville’s Children’s Early Learning CenterGroup 2 will likely need…


Note:  Wear long sleeves n pants, given that there could be some poison ivy lurking

*Electric/gas powered trimmers

*Plastic bags (I will provide these)


*Hand saws or clippers (to clip overgrown bushes, etc)



This Sunday’s Crew

Many thanks to those who’ve said they’d like to help out this Sunday! They are...

Ben E, Ryan P, Paul P, Tim Mc, Carl F, Bill S, Brian F, Joel D, Joe V, Greg P, John .  There are a few others who've said they may be able to attend.  


Anyway, if you are planning to join us but have not been able to let me know,  just shoot me an email or text to let me know at this address or via cell/text at 484.744.2040.  Thank you! 


Thank you once again for making your faith practical and/or expressing your humanitarian concern with us, in a meaningful way. 

Greg Porter
The Daniel Foundation

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