A Twitterfast (of sorts)?

My fellow spiritually hungry, inquisitive, alert, interested, disinterested and skeptical colleagues: 


I recently decided to go on a Twitterfast....of sorts.  Henceforth, I will occasionally post something about the Daniel Foundation and may even click on that little  ❤️ ('like') button, but only if it has something to do with our beloved Philadelphia Eagles.  That's about it.  


And it’s killing me.   


I constantly want to add my two cents,  via some (incredibly insightful, of course) 'comment' or perhaps a snarky wisecrack to  correct a perceived ‘injustice’ of some sort.


Why then, not do it? 


It's not easy.   Somewhere, deep down, there is a rather obsessive and insistent voice telling me: Speak!  Assert yourself!   Be heard!  'Change the narrative!'  'Be responsible!'  'Be Smart!'  'Be somebody!' 


The problem with this little voice is that it cannot be trusted. 


That's because it's driven by a toxic need to validate myself which is done, primarily, by 'winning' in one form or another.  If I don't initially listen to said voice, the volume increases until it reaches a crescendo, shouting something like, 'Win (i.e. Speak! Assert! Vanquish!) or you're a loser!' 


The subsequent anxiety I experience when said voice is disregarded suggests just how powerful that voice has become.


So, why not listen?   It's because, if there is one particular theme in the Bible, it’s that the world is beautiful but broken, by which I mean, it's

upside-down and backwards.  In the old and new testament....


  • Crosses outlast Caesars and martyrs outshine monarchs

  • Penitent prostitutes are deemed more holy than pontificating priests

  • The wise are called foolish and the foolish are called wise

  • Arrogance is pathetic and humility is glorious

  • Hell is for righteous folks while heaven's for sinners.


Winning-obsessed, image-conscious, power hungry-people didn’t get along well with a Jesus who spoke more about penance than political causes, opted for a cross over a throne and told his followers that greatness is measured by service to others, not by power over others.  They didn't then. They don't now.  


At least for me, a Twitterfast seems a good place to start. 


Eiríni tou Christoú






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