10 Critical Habits


An update from the Daniel Foundation

June 2019


Dear Friends,   

    I serve as a mentor with a resident of Phoenixville’s Good Samaritan Shelter, meeting with him regularly, over dinner.  One of our board members, Tim Barr (who is a director at the shelter) recently asked me to consider developing their ‘Mentoring program.’   ‘Mentoring’ is essentially a euphemism for 'faithful friendship,' whereby local men volunteer to visit regularly with their assigned resident, walking alongside him, guiding them and praying with/for them as they seek to alter the trajectory of their lives.  I’ve found that when one does that faithfully, opportunities to speak of vocational, spiritual and behavioral matters are legion.   I am presently assembling a ‘Ten Critical Habits’ list that can be taught to the residents of the shelter by their respective mentors.  It’s a work in process, gleaned from men I with whom I visit.  I simply ask them this question:    ‘If there is one piece of advice that you’d offer to someone who wanted to gain traction in their personal and vocational life, what would it be?’   Here’s what I’ve heard so far:   


  • Robb: Begin every day by writing someone (a friend, a client, a co worker) a ‘thank you’ note.’

  • John 1 Always follow through, responding to emails or phone calls.  Never leave a friend, a colleague or a client hanging.

  • John 2:  Never compromise your integrity or principles, even if it costs you your job. You will not always have a job but you will always have live with yourself.

  • Me: Remember that your job is not your vocation.  Your vocation is to display the beauty of your Savior in every scene to which you've been assigned.  Your workplace is but one arena in which you practice your vocation.  (OK, so mine was long winded.  What do ya expect?! :-) 


Our hope is that every man who comes through the Good Samaritan Shelter will, one day, have a mentor. Presently there are 15 residents in the shelter’s transitional program but only 4 active mentors.  Please pray that God would stir local men to walk alongside those who desperately need a wise and faithful friend.


Finally (and you knew this was coming  :-) If you live in the greater Phoenixville area, and would like to learn more about mentoring, I’d love to tell you more (and I promise, no subtle attempts to obligate or arm twist!).  Interested? Please email me at Greg.porter@danielfoundation.net or text or call me at 484.744.2040.


As always, thank you!  









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