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Men2Serve gathered yesterday and served a couple of people.  Joel, Vince, Gordan, Ryan, Derek and yours truly did some painting and gutter fixing for Ray, the 85 year old man who is trying to stay in his house as long as possible.  Has been there 40 years.  The other team  did some leaf removal for Joe who is engaged in round #2 in his battle with cancer.

Eric, Kris and Paul, Paul2, Patrick and Joe worked hard removing leaves (and the mosquitoes they breed) at Joe's.  Joe said, 'They're killin' it!'     


Here's a pic of Joe who, of course, couldn't sit down and relax!?  :-) 


 Secondly, I handed out a questionnaire asking how we might make Men2Serve, better.   I wanted give those of you've attended M2S an opportunity to email me back your answers to the following questions.    I'd welcome your answers! 


Men2Serve Evaluation Questions

1. Is one Sunday per month too often?  Yes   No

If you answered 'yes' how often should M2S be held? 




2. Would you change the start/finish time of Men2Serve?  (9:30 am - 11:45 pm)

If you answered 'yes' what start and ending time would you prefer?



3. Should we occasionally open Men2Serve to all, so that spouses and families can participate?  

Yes   No



4.  Would it be best to keep a regular rhythm, (for example, say, the second Sunday of each month) or would it be best to float a few dates to our M2S e-list, inviting people to indicate which Sunday would work best for them, before determining a final date?

Regular Rhythm            Float dates



5. Any other comments?



Thank you!





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