It was a damp, chilly, miserable....amazing day



Yesterday was a damp, chilly, miserable.....amazing day.  


Amidst the rain and drizzle, a number of stout souls, traveling under the banner 'Men2Serve,' 

arrived at the Bookworm building at 9:30 am to hear a reflection from Jeff Conway and to grab some coffee (and dunkin' munchkins) before departing to help a couple of local folks who could use a helping hand.  


One group helped move junk from the basement of the Phoenixville Area Children's Learning Center  to a dumpster.  The other group removed overgrown shrubbery for a man who lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago. In spite of his protests, we insisted on rendering him a couple of hours of service! (OK, so we're stubborn.  :-)  Still a couple of other men who couldn't make it yesterday will help out a third local man (who is battling cancer for the second time) with spring clean up.


We were all soaked to the bone....and not a little tired.  Yet, it seemed from the looks on the faces of those serving, that everyone went home feeling pretty full.   One of life's many ironies is this:  Giving is a great way of getting full.' 


 An epiphany

I was reminded yesterday that what many of the people we serve appreciate, as much as the service we offer, is our company, our presence.  Many of them love having conversations with the members of our teams.    I often find myself arriving at a site, obsessing about 'getting things done' to the neglect of slowing down, listening and chatting with those we are serving.  In short, I realized, yesterday, that the 'end' is not so much the 'task.' Rather, the 'task' is but a 'means' to the 'end' which, according to Jesus is to display a love for God and for one's neighbor.  Love takes many forms.  For some it's carrying stuff to a dumpster on a rainy day. For others it's hacking your way through soaking wet bush and throwing the resultant limbs and leaves into a pile.  For still others, it's simply standing next to the person we are serving, just to listen to, and chat with them.   


At least from my vantage point, amidst the raindrops, each of the men serving were essentially taking their particular seats within the divine orchestra, from which they hit their respective notes and contributed, in a way that no one else could, to the divine melody.,,,,and it was wonderful to behold.  


If you'd like to join us, whether it be to take one Sunday morning out of the month to worship in a practical and active way, or whether it be simply for humanitarian or civic reasons, pease don't hesitate to join us.  If you have any questions, you can email me at  Please know that our door is always open for any man or young man, who'd like to serve with us! 


All the best,


Greg Porter 



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