MayDay! Men2Serve this Sunday, May 5th


My fellow Men2Servers!  

This Sunday, May 5th, we resume our Men2Serve gathering and, if you are available, I'd be deeply grateful for your help as three fairly urgent needs have arisen! We will gather at The Bookworm at 9:30 am for a brief reflection and refreshments, and then head out to 3 locations.  


We could really use your help as we will likely need 6-7 guys at each location to get things wrapped up.  


Location # 1:  Jesse's Place 

Jesse is the surviving spouse of a woman whom I visited regularly as chaplain at the cancer center. Tragically, she passed away from cancer this past year and Jesse could use some help with his yard work. 


What to bring? When I asked Jesse what people might  bring, he responded: Thank you Greg and Men2Serve!  If you happen to have the following, we could use:  Loppers, bow saws, rakes, gloves and above all waterproof boots. I'm sure it will be a little muddy. Also if anyone is extremely susceptible to poison ivy there is a little growing along the fence. I am looking forward to getting the clean up around the pond started.


Location #2:  Joe's Place

Joe helped us at the last Men2Serve, doing some plumbing work at one of the service sites.  What's even more amazing is that Joe is himself in need, engaged in his second battle with brain cancer.   He needs some leaves removed from his property that he simply cannot, while receiving treatment, get to. 


What to bring?  Rakes, leaf blowers, tarps.  If you happen to have paper bags, that would help. I will pick up some as well.  also is battling his second round of brain cancer.  


Location #3:  Phoenixville Area Children's Learning Center  (PACLC)

This is our second visit to PACLC, as we did some clean up there last fall.  Julian McCracken does a fabulous job providing free early childhood ed for low income families.  He's a local unsung hero.   Julian has rented a dumpster and has a bunch of stuff in the basement of PACLC that needs to be hauled upstairs and thrown into the dumpster. 


What to bring?  If you have a dolly or wheelbarrow, that would be helpful.  Gloves also.  

Julian writes:  I rented a 20-cubic yard dumpster (can hold 3 tons). I feel pretty confident, if we have the manpower, that we should be able to get everything out..  Again, I am very thankful for the mission of Men2Service and am grateful, once again, for the willingness of your dedicated volunteers to help non-profits such as PACLC. 


Where we stand...

Right now I have the following people planning to attend:  Tim McAvoy, Myself, Vince Carraro, Chris White, Dan Estep, 

Paul Power, Joel n Gordy DiCandilo, Greg n Will Howson, and Carl Flahaven.  We probably need about 7 or 8 others.  If you have sons and/or friends who'd be interested, please feel free to invite them!   


If you can come, might you email or text me to let me know?  Thank you!   (see addresses below) 


 Regardless, please know how much I appreciate each of you.  It's such a pleasure to serve alongside such a great group.  


All the best,


  • email Address:

  • Call/Text: 484.744.2040

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