Next Men2Serve: May 5th



 Just a quick update on Men2Serve.  Because of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Men2Serve will not gather and serve in April.  


However, we will resume on Sunday May 5th at 9 am to 11 am (or earlier, if you need to depart for other obligations.)  Stay as long as your schedule allows.


What we will be doing on May 5th

We will gather at 9 am at the Bookworm and will (likely...I am working on it :-) have a friend who recently had to resign after many years of ministry because of a neurological disease that appears to be progressive.   I've asked him to come to Men2Serve and spend a few minutes telling his story, answering questions. I, for one, will likely ask him about how his faith has been shaped or informed by this illness.  


At that point we will likely split into two teams, with one going to the Children's Education Center (which we served last fall) to assist Julian McCracken, their director, in moving a whole bunch of junk out of one of their buildings.  


The other team will head over to  the home of a man I met while serving as a chaplain at the Phoenixville Hospital Cancer Center, where his wife was a patient there.   Sadly, after being clean following her first season of treatment,  the cancer returned and she passed.  I was heartbroken, as were the staff, as she inspired all of us.  Anyway, I asked her husband if we could do anything to help him and to his credit (and after some pestering by me!) he said he could use some help at his place.  I will learn more specifics about what he needs done and will pass them along to you as we get closer.    


If you have never attended Men2Serve, please consider doing so, as it's a fabulous group.  If you do attend, don't hesitate to invite a friend.  If you have a son and want to do something positive and productive with him, this is a great opportunity to do so.  A number of the men who attend have brought their sons and I am always impressed by the way they are enfolded and mentored by all who are present.  


More to come.....

All the best,

Greg Porter  







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