It happened over a Pike Place Roast


March 22, 2019



 I was doing some paper work over a cup of  Pike Place Roast recently when some co-eds from a local Catholic High school entered, sat down next to me, and began chatting about their homework.  


Amidst the chatter, one coed lamented,  “I have to find a biblical figure who responded to the Call of God.  Like, do you guys have any ideas?"


My spidey sense told me, ‘Offer to help.’  I replied my spidey sense, " Um, that’s creepy, go back to writing 'thank you' notes"  


The co-ed continued to bemoan her assignment and which point these words were out of my mouth before I realized it:  " I am in ministry n would be happy to help you."  She glanced at her friends who apparently gave her a supportive nod (as if to say, ' Go for it. girl! It's a risk worth taking.') at which point she brightened and said, " Really?"  I then suggested Samuel and Paul's respective callings, citing where they could be found in the bible. 


She thanked me and began typing away on her laptop.  A few minutes later, she said, "Excuse me?  Um, another question is:  What IS a Christian disciple, anyway?  Is it someone who follows God?"  I replied.  "Yeah.   I tend to think of a disciple as someone for whom Jesus has gone from a hobby to the central character of their lives."    She again, thanked me, at which point I went back to writing notes to friends and donors.  


A few minutes later, she closed her laptop and began kibitzing with her friends which went something like this:  " How many F****ing times do we have to do this stuff?’ And,  ‘He is so f***ing cute.’ And ‘there is no f***ing way I am going to do that!’ And, ‘If I don’t get this done I am f***ed!"  


I believe it was Winston Churchill who once quipped, 'Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.'   


Her rant neither surprised me nor phased me.    Adolescence happens.  I was once in high school too, after all.  What's more, I learned a long time ago that I have no control over people’s response to things spiritual.  Zero.  It's way beyond my grasp, and that's probably a very good thing.   
No, I only have control over me ....and my role is simply to be spiritual, however clumsily and haphazardly.  More often than not, I miss that mark, so when it actually happens, it feels good.  


All the best,




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