Men2Serve this Sunday Update!

Yo, My fellow Men2Serve folk, 

Things are, as they say, 'fluid' and I wanted to keep you up to date.  Here's the latest regarding this Sunday's Men2Serve coffee/donuts, followed by a reflection, followed by an hour or two of community service.  


My gut tells me that, because of the snow, removing trash is probably not a good use of your time. So, we will pass on the trash clean up this Sunday.   Here's what's cooking at present....


1. The Gutter Cleaning Team (aka GCT) 

Cleaning out gutters on a single story home in Phxville owned and rented by a cancer patient who needs a little help in maintaining the property.  (I will bring my extension ladder)


2.  The Bookworm Team  (aka BWT) 

*Pulling up remaining staples on the stairs on 3rd floor

*Pulling up, breaking/cutting up, and placing in a bag, the vinyl floor covering on the back porch. 

*Breaking down and stacking wooden bookshelves in the basement 


3. The 84 Year old Team  (aka 84YOT) 

*I was alerted to a 84 year old gentleman Phxville who really wants to stay in his home as long as possible, but could use some help.  He and was floored when he learned about the possibility of a few men coming by to lend a hand.  Couldn't have been more grateful.  

*A friend of mine, a plumber, will head there with me to assess his plumbing needs and 2 or 3 others are needed to patch his wallpaper in a couple of places.  (long story, but will explain) 




 I will bring....

 *trash bags for the leaves, that are retrieved from the gutters. 

*disposable vinyl gloves for those removing wet leaves from the gutters

*An extension ladder to be used by the Gutter Cleaning Team.

*dust masks for those breaking down old bookshelves downstairs at the bookworm

*Duct tape that can be used to bind boards together


If you have these things, you might want to bring 


*If rain is in the forecast, some rain gear (GCT & 84YOT)  

*Hammer/crow bar (BWT)

*Pliers/screw driver (BWT)

*Warm clothing (GCT and 84YOT) 






Might you email me to let me know if you're planning to join us this Sunday?  As always, thank you! 


All the best,





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