What to do when your boss is a jerk? (Or, 'Does God know vocational Judo?')


March 2018



My boss is a jerk!

My colleagues are not trustworthy, spend more time positioning themselves, than producing anything worthwhile!?

I’ve given years to this company and they just threw me away?!

I have a series of good reviews but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...  


Injustice, Office Politics, Corporate Indifference, Betrayal, etc.....  


Such is life in many a workplace.   It’s tempting to become bitter and resign ourselves to become just like those who spend more time politicking and maneuvering than doing their respective jobs.  It’s easy to get assimilated, imitating, rather than contrasting, workplace habits that you despise. 


If you have, or are presently, suffering injustice heavy or lite, cruelty in some manner, indifference or a betrayal at the hands of your boss, colleagues or employer, my advice?    


Read, and journal over, the life of Joseph.   


His life story is found in the book of Genesis chapters 37-50. Try a chapter each morning.  It’s an amazing story, fraught with betrayal, false accusations, deceit, indifference and a grandiose  opportunity for vengeance.


Through all Joseph suffered, he continued to keep ‘doing the next right thing’ and in the process, and in spite of the many barriers he encountered, he flourished.  Perhaps more impressive than that, Joseph elected to display charity when reprisal was well within his grasp at an opportune moment.   


Why didn’t he take vengeance? Why didn't he dish out what he'd received?   How could he keep doing ‘the next right thing’ amidst the colossal mistreatment he suffered?  How could he flourish in such a toxic story?  


The key is found in these words uttered by Joseph, when he confronts his betrayers. He says to them:   'As for you, you meant evil against me; but God  meant it for good’


'...but God.'  For Joseph, those two words made all the difference. 


In short, Joseph grew better, not bitter because he knew God was bigger than any foe or injustice or betrayal or gossip or politicking or bad bosses or manipulative colleagues he had to endure.  In fact, in an act of vocational judo, God used hostility and injustice to enhance Joseph, causing Joseph to flourish all the more because of it. 


The good news is that God was, and remains, a God bigger than any bad CEO or insecure boss or competitive colleague we will ever encounter.  Trust.....and keep doing ‘the next right thing.’  


All the best, 


Greg Porter

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