Would you consider......?

Dear Friends,

  A Merry and Meaningful Christmas to you and your family from the Porter family and the Daniel foundation! 



Have you ever wondered, 'How is the Daniel foundation funded?' 


Or, more specifically, 'How is it that Greg and Dave can afford to do what they do?!' 

  • Did you actually win that Nigerian lottery thingy that I keep getting emails about?

  • Maybe a rich uncle?

  • Strike oil?

  • Bought a zillion shares of Microsoft in 1980?

Unfortunately, no.

  • My uncle usually needed money?!

  • Am still waiting for the Nigerian Lottery check to arrive.

  • Have only hit roots instead of oil, in my backyard.

  • Invested in 'Yugo' instead of Microsoft in 1980.


Actually, tDf is a faith-venture from beginning to end.


We depend upon God to supply our needs through private, voluntary, donations. No gimmicks. No arm twisting. No high priced consultants. No phone campaigns. etc.


To those of you who pray for, and/or financially support this mission throughout the year,

'Thank you!' we simply couldn't do it without you!


To others of you who believe in our mission and philosophy....


Might you consider a year-end donation to the Daniel Foundation?

All donations are tax deductible and are receipted, as tDf is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization.     No  donation is too small and all donations are both timely and greatly appreciated!) 


Should you wish to do so.....

1. By making making checks out to 'The Daniel Foundation' and sending your donation to:  


The Daniel Foundation

323 Drummers Lane

Phoenixville, PA 19460 


2. Or you may donate on-line by going to the 'donate' tab on this (www.danielfoundation.net) web site     Note: On-line donations are processed through 'PayPal' but a PayPal account is not required, only a credit or debit card.


Regardless, thank you for your friendship and for your interest in this mission.  


Let earth receive her king,


Greg Porter

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