Ticket Gate



  At around 7 pm I arrived,  along with my friends Dave, Bruce and John to last Sunday night’s Eagles/Cowboys game.              
Shortly thereafter I discovered that the tickets I'd purchased from an on-line vendor for both Dave and I....were expired.  (They were for the Dec 31st, 2017 Eagles/Cowboys game?!)    Shame on me for not reviewing the tickets when they arrived.   

I called said vendor thinking they’d reply,  ‘We’re sorry Mr Porter, let us email the correct tix to you right now’ and wala, problem solved.   Uh, no.  I spent a futile hour with someone named ‘Joe’ who sounded like he was from Pakistan.  I then gave ‘  Joe’ to the Linc's customer service guy (  ‘Ryan,’ who was nothing short of amazing) who had as much success with Joe as I did.   At Ryan's urging, I then called Capitol One, who agreed to refund payment, allowing us to purchase new tix which, again, thanks to considerable grace from the Eagles' ticket office, were better and less expensive than the original tickets.  


First, a little background:  When reviewing our TicketGate experince after we returned home, Dave (who works for the Daniel Foundation in Seattle), said something that spoke volumes to me, though I don’t know if he realized it at the time.     
When things first began to unravel, we took a moment and prayed, asking God to guide us in whatever direction was to be our destination.    
*Perhaps that meant a early train ride home?    
*Perhaps it meant access to Lincoln Financial Field?  
*Perhaps it meant a walk across the parking lot to XFinity Live?    
We had no idea where we'd 'be guided.'   
As we debriefed around the kitchen table Dave said, matter of factly,  ‘Yeah, I was like, ‘God, what are you up to?  Is there someone (on the train, at XFinity Live, in the parking lot, etc?)  that you’d like us to help or talk to?’    

Wow.   Just wow.   I mean, I thought I was pretty spiritual by virtue of my willingness to accept the disappointment of missing the game without throwing a tantrum or decending into a slow-burn.  


Dave went the extra step.  He was willing not only to accept disappointment, he was also willing to accept a mission amidst the disappointment.   


I was willing to say, to God,  'Not my will be done.’  Dave was willing to add to that,  ‘but thy will be done.’  



All the best, 

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