Men2Serve is coming! Here's a sneak preview...

Hello my fellow Men2Servers! 


  Sunday Nov 11th is our next gathering.  This one will be a little different.  

 Pancakes 4 Breakfast?

If you'd like breakfast, I will be, along with anyone else who'd like to join me on the morning of Nov 11th, at the Annual Rotary Pancake Breakfast fund raiser. It's $10 (kids under twelve $5) and goes to a great cause.  Seemed to fit well within the Men2Serve Mission.  

  • Where?  'The Phoenixville Area Senior Center' located at 152 Church Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 

  • When?  I will arrive at around 8:30 am if you'd like to join me and others! 


Our mission this month:  PACL

 Instead of gathering at the bookworm (which Joel DiCandilo has re-named, 'The Worm') we will be gathering at 9:30 am at 'Phoenixville Area Children's Learning Center.' (PACL)   310 Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460.  For those familiar with the boro of Phoenixville, it's right across from the Phoenixville Library.   PACL exists to provide low income families free or modestly priced, pre school education.   They've been at it for many years, quietly helping families, one child at a time.    PACL is headed by a man who is one of Phoenixville's quiet heroes.  He never asks for help and shoulders much, if not all, of the burden of upkeep, himself. 

[See attached pics]


What we'd like to do

I visited The Children's Learning Center and what they need us to do during our two hours of service is the following

  • Cutting down many small trees and binding them up for removal. 

  • blowing countless junk from the trees off the playground area, which is largely covered with green and well worn carpeting.

  • Cutting back bushes from fences.

  • Weeding & mulching a few of their flower beds.

  • Removal of vines along the side of the house  (I will bring my ladder for this)


We'll probably need these things

  • Grubby clothes & Work gloves

  • Long sleeves and pants to protect against direct contact with undergrowth as much as possible 

  • Tree/hand saws (non power would be most prudent, though a reciprocal saw or with a few blades, might help)

  • Extension chords 

  • rakes

  • shovels (to cut out and define the edge of the beds)

  • outdoor vacuum or dry/wet vac

  • leaf blowers

  • Duct tape or twine (to bind tree limbs together, etc) 

  • I will try to pick up a few bags of mulch and some large lawn bags


Feel free to bring any other men you know and/or their sons!  


When you have a minute, might you email or text me to let me know if you can join us for the pancake breakfast and/or cleaning up PACL. (contact info below) 


As always, thank you for helping us to 'make all things new'......including Phoenixville!


All the best,

Greg Porter

Cell/Text: 484.744.2040




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