A thousand little reasons....


 Friends, If you are left-brained, the following quote will likely confuse you....it may even make you wonder about the author!?  You'll likely think it too imprecise, too unmeasurable, too unprovable.   I understand.  


However, if you are right brained, as I tend to be, I suspect that the following quote will find fertile soil in your soul.  Enjoy!





From Daniel Taylor: The Skeptical Believer (speaking to your inner atheist)


 'I am a believer, skeptical or otherwise, for many reasons, each of which would require many stories and many explanations to unfold. I believe for rational reasons, for emotional reasons, for volitional reasons, for world and personal history reasons, for intuitive and imaginative reasons, and so on.


My doubts spring from all those same categories. No one believes in the same way that I do. I am not, for instance, drawn to the idea of Jesus as my friend or the healer of my wounds, a way of thinking about God that is very powerful for millions. I am also, as this book makes clear, not drawn to proofs or to rationalistic arguments for God, an approach that is central for millions. I am not very mystical and don’t much feel God


in nature or sense him directing each of my steps. I believe for a thousand little reasons and for a handful of bigger ones, not least because I love the idea and the reality of mercy and grace and justice and haven’t discovered any foundation big enough for them, other than God. 


The best way to say it briefly is that I believe because I have yet to find a better story to live by.


 Whatever the configuration of my faith, it is a configuration unique to me. Given that God made each of us one at a time and that no two people live the same life, it could not be otherwise.’


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