“Men are hard-wired for risk taking—particularly young men.  Congregations that do not take risks, atrophy.'  -David Murrow 


'The church offers to make men pious, while what men really want, is to be heroic.'   -A.B Randal



Dear Friends,


I love the church, warts and all.  Perhaps that is  because it’s full of wart laden people like me. :-)  However, something I have learned over the past few years is that church is not all that attractive to many men, some of whom are otherwise spiritually tender.   That is, at least in part, because most men are not passive.  They wanna do stuff.  They prefer meeting shoulder to shoulder and make the world, or their community, a better place.  I’ve learned that this is one reason why many men tend to find religious services fairly unattractive.  It's too theoretical.  Too passive.  More often than not, men want practical, tactile challenges.   


With that in mind, we recently began (one Sunday morning per month) an informal gathering of men at the Bookworm building in Phoenixville called Men2Serve.  We begin with refreshments followed by a brief reflection from one of the gospels or with someone explaining his journey to Christ.  At that point we engage in community service of one kind or another.  Men2Serve is designed for A). Men who don’t attend church but who want to give back to their community in a practical way, or  B). Men who want their worship to take a more active form once a month or C). Men who have friends (or sons) who will not join them at church but who will join them at Men2Serve.     


Our first gathering was held on September 9th.  Our next one will be Sunday October 14th.  Thank you for making this possible and I’d welcome your prayers for the guidance and presence of Christ as we go about loving those who come as well as the community of Phoenixville in practical, tactile ways!


All the best,


Greg Porter




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