I've seen fire... and I've seen rain


 Have you ever wondered ‘Why the Burning Bush?’   It wasn’t by default or accident that it was selected.  Like virtually everything God does, it was intended to say something significant.  


I don’t pretend to know why, but I was thinking about that question this morning and stumbled upon one possible answer which was this:  ‘Perhaps it was to demonstrate that God is able to protect the weak, the vulernable, from those who’d prey upon, or consume, them.’  


People like Pharoah, for example, who’d been ‘consuming’ (using and discarding) the Jewish people to power the Egyptian machine for many years. 


Perhaps Moses needed see, first hand, that if God was capable of protecting kindling from the flame, he was also capable of protecting (and delivering) Moses, and his people, from Pharaoah. 


I was just about to put a bow on that nice sentiment, when a second question ocurred to me:  ‘Who am I?  How do I relate to others?  Am I a ‘consumer’ of others (or, dare I say, God?), using them for my: 

  • empowerment?

  • advantage?

  • prestige?

  • advancement?

  • profit?


Or, by contrast, am I more like water?  Am I a 'builder' of others?  Do I: 

  • empower others?

  • promote others?

  • inquire about others?

  • stand up for others?

  • develop others? 


Am I more fire than rain......or more rain than fire?  






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