Living an 'Outward Focused' Life


We are not human beings living a spiritual life.  We are spiritual beings living a human life. 


The above quote made me pause and think.  How do we choose to live this, 'human life?' I recommend living an outward focused life, which is one that puts more into life than it takes from it.  Why? Because self absorbed life is filled with me, myself and I, and selfishness is something to slay, not sustain.  An 'others' oriented life is something to attain, not avoid. 


I might be the sickest rat in the lab too. My default is, well, um, ME!  So I need to frequently recalibrate toward True North. Yes, I have needs.  I have my daily, 'to do' list. Yep, I make one almost every day before I get on the hamster wheel.  But the needs of others must populate my list as well.  Balance!  The ultimate example is Jesus who came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. So, the good book says.  Additionally, it is written that it is better to give than to receive.  So how 'bout it, friends?' Let's kick ourselves off the throne more often.  Can we make September checkered with purposeful ways to get our eyes off ourselves and onto others?  It will make God smile. 


Perhaps these suggestions will stimulate additional ideas for your context: 

  • Prepare a meal for a widow, deliver it and eat it with her

  • Take a single mom and her son (who plays say, pop warner football) to the local high school game.

  • Deliver flowers from your garden to someone who is going through tough times. (Chocolate substitutes are acceptable!)

  • Begin to mentor someone. Lunch is a good first meeting. 

  • Befriend an international student.

  • Visit a senior citizen home. Play songs from the 50's and 60's with your guitar.

  • Donate to a hurricane Harvey relief effort. Skip your daily lattee all week to make budget. 

  • Volunteer at a local food bank.  Look into the eyes of those grateful for their daily bread. 

  • Serve a single mom and offer to change the oil in her car.   

Dave and The Daniel Foundation:

I will continue to build relationships, to listen, to challenge and to encourage men.

Jill and I are preparing to facilitate a small group.

We are hosting 5 widows for a half day retreat on Oct 1st.

Seahawks viewing parties on the 10th and 17th for relationships, relationships, relationships! 


Books to recommend with the above theme:

1. Love Does:  Bob Goff

2. The Outward Focused Life, Dave Workman 


Teamwork makes the dream work.  We are honored to have your friendship, support and prayers!


Dave & Jill 

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