Being iPresent in an iElsewhere World






I am told by those who study such things that religious folk are, when all is said and done, not much different from non religious folk. 


I am not sure if that's the case, but I've always found that argument a bit specious. After all, one could always argue that a stinker who made time for church on Sunday mornings would be even bigger stinker, if said stinker didn't. 


Neverthless, I am intrigued by the question, ' What difference does Christ make?' 


I am persuaded that people who have (what a friend of mine calls) 'a first person relationship' with Christ, as compared, I suppose, to a more pedestrian, 'third person relationship' with Jesus, are decidedly different in the manner in which they use their iPhones or Samsung Galaxies. 


To understand how I came to that rather weird conclusion, here is a link to Sunday's message, which runs approximately 20 minutes. 


I hope you find it provocative, at the very least. 


His peace, 

Greg Porter

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