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Non Profit Center Update

Dear Friends: 

     First, a quick update:  We signed the $1 per year lease with Phoenixville Hospital for a building we hope will become The ‘Center For Non Profit Excellence’ (C4NPE).  Am happy to say that repair and renovations have begun!  The hospital has been nothing short of fabulous throughout the process!  #Thx4YourPrayers


Living faithfully in a post Christian era

When visiting with those men who already believe in Christ, part of my mission is one of preparation for what many observers predict will be a difficult period for the church in the US and throughout the western world.  Contemporary winds are not congenial toward orthodox Christian faith and its moral derivatives.   I am presently reading a book entitled,‘The Benedict Option’ by Rod Dreher, who believes that we can learn much from St Benedict whose communities of faith, begun during the collapse of the Roman empire, offered a compelling contrast to the decadence and growing barbarism outside of their gates.  Many believe that it was St Benedict who kept the Christian faith alive and vibrant during the first Dark Ages throughout Europe. Dreher suspects we are entering into the second Dark Ages and wrote this book to offer creative strategies for Christians to be faithful amidst the gathering darkness and the corresponding hostility that the church will likely face.     


Surrounding Noise


I sent another book, with a similar thesis, to a Catholic friend I regularly visit with. He is a man who has grown, and continues to grow, greatly in his relationship with Christ.  The book I sent him is entitled: ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ and it’s written by the Archbishop of Philadelphia (Chaput) whose insights are quite keen.  My friend devoured the book and recently sent me the following comments. What I especially appreciated about his comments were his repeated use of the word ‘King’ in reference to Jesus.  It’s quite fitting, as the kingdom of God continues to take root and flourish in his life. 


He writes:  


Greg: I finished the book and thought I would send you a few quick thoughts….

  • The current age we live in is still struggling with good vs. evil.  Is Christ our King or do we play the ‘pick and choose’ regarding our views on contemporary topics?   Archbishop Chaput speaks about how to love thy neighbor, supporting those in need, without altering our beliefs. 

  • It starts with us.  If we are going to be change agents and if we are going to keep Christ as our King, then we need to start with our own communities.   It is not easy but God is there for us and will provide the support we need.  We need to trust in Him and lead others to the light…

  •  I found the book very relevant to what I've been feeling lately.  I might have mentioned that my wife and I often say we are so outside the norm in our beliefs and our participation even in Church… We do love it, despite the challenges to keep Christ the King in our lives.  Archbishop Chaput addresses this and clearly states this has been going on forever.  This isn't something new.  We put Christ in our hearts as the King of Kings and everything else is surrounding noise.


Thank you for making fruitful relationships like this possible!


Pax Christi,



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