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While having my teeth cleaned recently, the hygienist noted that I had a tooth that had died a few years ago and is now brown.


I told her that, years ago, I had another tooth that was more prominently displayed, which  suffered trauma at the bottom of a baby pool.  It subsequently died and turned brown.


‘However,’ I said, 'Just a few days later, the tooth resurrected, came back to life…. its color returned!’ 


‘You have a zombie tooth!' she excitedly replied.


Don’t know about you, but when the word ‘resurrection’ comes up, I tend to think of someone else. J Then again, I am a boomer and she, a millennial.


Some of you wonder why all this fuss about living in a ‘post Christian’ western world?  Might we get something a little more ‘uplifting?!’


Perhaps I am weird (perhaps?!) but I find a post Christian era a scary but exciting time to follow Jesus.   Why? Four reasons:


First, things are far more hostile toward historic faith than most Christians realize and, if one is going to embark upon an adventure, the first step is to awaken Dorothy to the fact that she’s ‘not in Kansas any more!’


Second, the world that the church was born into is returning in small increments.  It was in that milieu that the church began to flourish as they gathered in countless catacombs and cared for one another.


Third, history teaches us that when identifying with Jesus becomes costly, in an ironic twist, it also becomes more attractive.  Comfort is Christianity’s kryptonite.


Fourth, as the constraints of Christianity and Judaism dissipate, I believe that our world will become increasingly coarse and anarchistic.  This affords Christ’s followers, both individually and corporately, an opportunity to display a symmetry and beauty that will become increasingly compelling, precisely because of the stark contrast it will create. 


So, be encouraged!   As an old friend of mine used to say, ‘The worse things get, the better they become.,’  

His peace,


Greg Porter




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