Part 3: MAVD: face of a salesman, heart of an addict

October 4, 2016



Setting:   Charlie sat in silence, thinking to himself, 'D@*! right. Its worse than abandonment.  It's back stabbing...with a smile and a severance to hide the blood.'

Charlie: Those SOB's! 
Rick: Whatdoyamean?
C: I mean exactly what you said. They're a bunch of back stabbers who will shake your hand with their right while penning your pink slip with their left.
R: Yep. 
C: And you think that's OK?
R: I think its almost inevitable. I mean, you've seen it happen to others over the years.... 
C: But they deserved it! 
R: Really? You know as well as I do, Charlie, that many of those people performed well. They just happened to be in the wrong place, or better, the wrong department, at the wrong time. 
C: Some performed well.....but some didn't.
R: ...but some did. That's why they felt exactly like you do: Duped and discarded.
C: That pretty much sums things up, yeah. 
R: Bottom line, most big companies have the face of a salesman and the heart of an addict. In the end, its about their survival.  That's what matters. 
C: An addict?  So you're suggesting that I worked for an addict?
R: A seductive, charming one. 
C: It's pretty disillusioning, to be honest. What I once believed about this company....
R: ...proved to be a lie?
C: Pretty much.
R: Seems to me that you are at a crossroads.  Disillusionment ctends to drive people in one of two directions. 
C: Are you talkin 'mid life crisis?' You know, 'new car or new wife?' 
R: Uh, no. I'm talkin 'wisdom vs cynicism.'  Most become cynical....a few become wise. 

[To be continued]

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