Our Summer Internships

June 27, 2016


Dear Friends,

Summer is officially here, and we are engaged in a new internship program done in conjunction with ‘Future Leaders 2Day’ (FL2D), another local non profit run by a member of our church, Chris White.  FL2D works to identify at-risk kids in Phoenixville High School, (typically kids who spend a lot of time in In-School-Suspension) before inviting them to join FL2D, challenging them to fulfill their membership obligations, which are considerable.  About half the kids who join FL2D drop out, but those who remain are typically serious and conscientious.   Chris asked me if I’d be willing to train three of the young men from among those who stayed with the FL2D program.  I happily agreed and, as you may know, invited them to serve as ‘volunteer greeters’ at Phoenixville Hospital throughout the school year.  In one instance, a woman walked into the lobby of the hospital rather distraught because she was in labor!?   Our three heroic greeters calmly got a wheel chair, helped direct the patient’s mother to park her car and then whisked the expectant mother off to the elevator and on to the maternity ward as if they’d been doing this for years!  J


The danger for FL2D members is summer time, as it affords all sorts of opportunities to lose their momentum, spending inordinate amounts of time with friends or family members whose influence is toxic.  With that in mind, Chris and I have worked together to create summer internships for them.  We are admittedly picky, carefully identifying those from local businesses or non profit organizations, who will direct, oversee and intentionally mentor their FL2D intern.  Our interns typically serve as volunteers, though in some cases the business/organization they are interning with can afford to compensate them.  When they cannot afford to, thanks to the generosity of so many of you, tDf and FL2D provide the intern’s hourly compensation.  We believe that learning how to acquire, and manage, money is critical to their development.  I’d like next to sit down with each of them and teach them how to create and live within, a budget.


Our dream?   To see the circle widen, with more and more at-risk students enrolling in FL2D during the school year and interning in the summer.    


The trick is to identify those non profit and business leaders who have a heart for these kids and who are willing to mentor our young men, teaching them what it takes to break the cycle that has them in its deadly grip.


Please take a moment to pray for these young men and their mentors.  Thank you.  We long for each of these kids to become what God designed them to be.  


As always, your prayers and donations make this mission possible!


Thank you!


Greg Porter



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