Prophet & Priest

June 1, 2016

May 2016

A Ministry Update from the Daniel foundation                           


Prophet & Priest



  One of the reasons I love this mission is because no two days are alike.   In fact, sometimes my role with vary greatly from one hour to the next.   Case in point:


Last week, a friend who was raised in the church but who no longer attends because he is now more skeptic than believer, asked me to join him in a white lie which would be advantageous to him.  I said, 'no,' explaining to him that dishonesty would be to undermine and discredit everything I've said to him about the kingdom of God. He stormed off in anger.    A few minutes later, he texted me, ‘We’re still buddies, right?’  I texted back, ‘Of course we are!’    We got together a couple of days later to walk and talk 9 holes of golf.  When in campus ministry, I'd often tell college students:  'If you are not willing to risk a friendship, you probably aren't being a true friend.'  The point being that love requires us to, on occasion, confront friends or loved ones when they are engaged in a habit that runs against their divine design and will, sooner or later, injure or destroy them. Indifference in the face of a pernicious habit is not love, but cowardice parading as kindness.  Love is what propelled Nathan to confront king David when it could have cost Nathan his very life. 


Almost immediately after that, I received a call from the nurse manager on one of the floors at the hospital.  She asked if I might visit a woman who was about to move into hospice care.   Upon arrival to her room, the patient lit up when I told her I was a chaplain.   She had come to know Christ earlier in life and was quite content to fall into his arms and allow him to carry her over the threshold of eternity.   I read scripture to her and prayed with her.  This dear woman couldn’t have been more grateful and more serene.   She was living display of the supremacy of Christ, even over death itself.


One would be hard pressed to have two simultaneous events more unlike one another.  A man who sought to control, and bend, life to his will.  A woman who had learned to relinquish control to Christ years earlier so that now, when she had no other option, she was quite familiar, and comfortable, in a state of surrender.


A man in need of a prophet. 


A woman in need of a priest.


A chaplain who can be a bit clumsy at both, but so grateful for the opportunity.



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