from 'In-School-Detention' to 'Future Leaders'

February 29, 2016


 Dear Friends,


Here is the latest from The Daniel Foundation!


This is a story about three young men who are involved a club called ‘Future Leaders Today’ (aka FL2D) comprised of select students from Phoenixville Area High School.  (PAHS).  The club was begun, and is run by, Chris White, a long time friend who attends our church.  FL2D works with the assistant principal at PAHS to identify those young men who spend considerable time in ‘In-School-Detention’ due to behavioral problems.  Those who other students might label, ‘losers.’


Chris invites these young men to join FL2D where he teaches them the skills necessary to be successful in their academic, social and vocational lives.   It is a remarkable initiative.  About half the students who enter the program do not stick.  That is because Chris refuses to lower the bar of responsibility for any of the young men involved.  Chris’ unyielding standards tend to separate the ‘players’ who will pull others down, from the ‘future leaders’ who are willing to do what it takes to alter the trajectory of their young lives.  Indeed, the first time I entered a FL2D meeting, every single young man, got up, looked me in the eye, shook my hand firmly and welcomed me.  I was stunned.


Not long after that, Chris asked me to partner with him in training and overseeing three FL2D members who were willing to serve as ‘greeters’ at Phoenixville Hospital.   They essentially welcome patients and family members as they enter the front entrance of the hospital (The picture above was taken following their latest session).  I couldn’t be more proud of them.  They arrive early, enter their names in the volunteer ledger, put on their volunteer vests, make sure their dress and appearance is up to standard and then spend an hour welcoming and directing people as they enter the hospital.  They are, for that hour, the face of Phoenixville Hospital and it is a wonder to behold.  After each session, the three debrief with me, discussing what they’ve learned and how we might improve next time.


The next step is to partner with local businesses and perhaps the hospital itself in arranging summer employment opportunities for these three young men, lest they slide back into old, destructive habits.  FL2D and theDanielfoundation, thanks to your generous support, will help underwrite the cost of this summer initiative.  It’s our hope to expand this program in the future.  What a pleasure it is to see young men alter their course and discover that they can do things they never thought possible just a few months earlier.  Please pray for their flourishing.  


Without your donations and prayers, tDf would not be possible! 


As always, ‘Thank You!’


Greg Porter

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from 'In-School-Detention' to 'Future Leaders'

February 29, 2016

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