What people are saying about the Daniel foundation...

tDf is one of God's angels, sent to the staff and patients of the hospital to help us make sense of all the suffering we face, every day

tDf provides me spiritual education and a judgment free environment as I walk the path.  tDf also provides a forum for men to create and share friendships with the spiritual thread woven within that framework.


johnanderson morguefile.com

Your conception of Christianity is the most compelling, that I've encountered. 

I so appreciate your encouragement and insights.  Your graciousness is appreciated.  I like getting a chance to discuss things with someone who thinks deeply about spiritual matters. 


Thank you for listening I feel better just talking about it.
Your just truly good friend... 

'Exploring the gospel of St Mark allows me

time to be safe and real with those who may struggle with the same life questions'


'I enjoy discussing the new testament in our

small group because we are able to ask

questions and raise points without worrying

about being judged'


You have a definite way of making people feel safe enough to be open and  honest. It’s a gift that you put to great use in many ways

'I appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given me through the years. And the impact you have had on the boys as well. Last night was big for the program, we have come a long, long way from where we started.'