Special thx to Anderson of Morguefile.com

tDf is about.....relationships


While tDf is a mission inspired by the Christian faith, our mission is not exclusively religious in it's concern.  Our mission is  simply to enact, however imperfectly,  the greatest commandment to 'love one's neighbor as oneself.'  That is why tDf walks alongside religious and non religious men;  skeptical and spiritual.   


The 'greatest commandment' is our greatest concern.


That, in turn, makes our mission one of service......and service takes many forms.


Some men are best aided by providing a quiet setting in which to stop, settle and think out loud about relational, vocational or parental dilemmas they face.  Others request practical assistance in one form or another.  Still other men, who are spiritually alert but religiously disillusioned, seek help in developing, or simply exploring, a healthy and integrated spiritual life.   


Our service is as varied as the requests of the men we walk alongside.


Again, it's about relationships.