Friends and Fellow Travelers,  
Ever been caught in a lie?  I remember throwing toilet paper all over a neighbor's trees one fateful Halloween, only to come around the corner and find myself face to face with the dreaded, 'Mrs B' who sat in...

My Fellow (but beloved) Sinners, 

I’ve concluded that there are 4 kinds of people you will likely meet on any given Sunday, at church, though this probably could apply to a host of other communities. 

  • There are orthodox/orthodox people  (O/O)

  • Ther...

Dear Friends,

  Doug, (not his actual name) has become a good friend and one of the many men with whom I try to regularly visit.  He used to be a Presbyterian but left the church and became a Buddhist a few years ago.   Doug knows that I’d like him to reconsider Christ...



Many of you may remember, from the book of Genesis, the account of a man named Jacob who spent an entire night wrestling with God, refusing to let go, ‘unless you bless me.’


It was fitting, for Jacob spent most...

  "A real man is someone who is devoted to a cause that is bigger than himself and who leaves the world a better place for those who follow'  

-Joe Ehrmann


  Something I have learned over the years, albeit slowly, is that most men are not passive.  They wanna do...


  I am making my way along in the book of Exodus and came across this exchange between God and Moses.  


And he said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid...

Hi Everyone!  


There is much to report on!  Chaplain visits, walking alongside men through life's peaks and valleys, pointing them toward Christ. There is the non profit center which has a new tenant and a new, much needed, roof!  (No s...

Have you ever wondered ‘Why the Burning Bush?’   It wasn’t by default or accident that it was selected.  Like virtually everything God does, it was intended to say something significant.  


I don’t pretend to know why, b...


   I had lunch yesterday with a friend of mine during which we took turns bemoaning hilariously bad experiences as customers of what seem to be poorly run businesses.    

For example, I've been working with a contractor on behalf of my mother in law....


A friend once asked me, ‘Do you know why they call this game, ‘Golf?’  Me: ‘No, why?’  Him: ‘Because all the other 4 letter words were taken.’  :-) 


Ah, the game of golf.   I played a round on Saturday morning with my son Rya...

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