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Hi Men2Servers!

Just a quick reminder to 'Spring' your clocks 'forward' an hour this Saturday night so that you'll be on time at Men2Serve (9:30 am) on Sunday!  

All the best,


Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

For those of you old enough to remember the 1970’s, Texas Instruments came out with the first electronic calculator which promised salvation for those of us for whom math class was a pretty good euphemism for ‘Sheol.



Dear Friends,

  A Merry and Meaningful Christmas to you and your family from the Porter family and the Daniel foundation! 

Have you ever wondered, 'How is the Daniel foundation funded?' 


Or, more specifically, 'How is it that Greg and Dave can afford to do wh...

Just received this 'thank you' to our Men2Serve Team from the kids at the Phoenixville Area Children's Learning Center! 


  At around 7 pm I arrived,  along with my friends Dave, Bruce and John to last Sunday night’s Eagles/Cowboys game.              
Shortly thereafter I discovered that the tickets I'd purchased from an...


    As many of you know, a group of men and, in some cases, their sons,

gather on one Sunday morning each month to put into practice, in a practical way, greatest commandment to 'love God and others.'  We call it 'Men2Serve.' 

Others in our ranks may n...



  Gary (not his actual name....and no, he isn't on this e-list :-)  is a friend of mine.  I'm presently angry at him, though he doesn't know it and he'd likely be surprised to learn of it. I'm mad at him, in large part, because he isn't taking care of h...

Hello my fellow Men2Servers! 

  Sunday Nov 11th is our next gathering.  This one will be a little different.  

Pancakes 4 Breakfast?

If you'd like breakfast, I will be, along with anyone else who'd like to join me on the morning of Nov 11th, at the Annual Rotary Panc...

A reflection from the DanielFoundation

October 2018 

Dear Friends,    

   In the mid 70's I had the opportunity to attend a high school in the Chicago area that had a storied swimming tradition dating back to the early 1960's. That was due, in large part, to ou...

 Friends, If you are left-brained, the following quote will likely confuse may even make you wonder about the author!?  You'll likely think it too imprecise, too unmeasurable, too unprovable.   I understand.  


However, if you are right...

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