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Dear Friends, 


  It’s been said by politicians, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’   That’s politico-speak for ‘Exploit every opportunity to one’s political advantage.’   By contrast, the Christia...

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  I have been watching the 10 part series entitled, 'The Last Dance' which is about Michael Jordan's NBA career and the many championships the Bulls won during his tenure there.  I was moved by, and for, Michael Jordan at the conclusion of episode 7 of 'The La...

May 11, 2020



The CoronaCrisis has made me  soft.   Not physically, though that could easily happen.  

'Soft' in the social and emotional sense.


When one is alone for long periods of time, one doesn’t need to deal much with those messy,...

Hi Fellow All2Servers!    

The Coronavirus has provided us  an All2Serve opportunity!  So, please pass this along to girlfriends, spouses, friends, church members and anyone else you think might be interested!


ENTER: ‘Operation Gift Bag’

OK, here's the...

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The Covid 19 pandemic has caused many of us to slow down, as much of our work is contingent upon traveling hither and yon, spending time with people individually or in small or large group settings.  I've tried to use that time to reminisce a bit, thinking back on my...

Dear Friends,

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Dear Friends,

If you have any of the following items, we would put them to good use!

  • Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol

  • aloe vera gel

  • an essential oil such as lavender oil or lemon juice

  • small plastic bottles with lids or a spout of some sort

If so, we are...

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